Staff Member Children in Action
Childrens ministry
Jessica Fowler
We work to make the Children of West End feel welcomed, supported and equipped to face daily challenges, to feel safe and experience the love of God modeled through us and the care we provide. At West End it is our mission to ensure that children learn about Jesus and develop a personal relationship with him and share it with others. We worship God through music, prayer, Bible study, and service. It is our hope that their gifts and talents be developed to have a heart of service for others. Our goal is to partner with families to give our children a solid spiritual foundation based on God's Word.

We are committed to equipping the next generation to know Christ and to be transformed by Him. We want to see our children grow in all areas of their lives as well as be a part of that growth, to accomplish these God-given tasks we are involved in several different activities and programs. Sunday school is on Sunday mornings as well as Children's Church where we do Kid's Own Worship. On Sunday night's we have a Mission's class and on Wednesday Nights we do Children in Action and Mission Friends. During the Summer we have a week-long bible school as well as doing two activities a month and a Children's choir. Visitors are always welcome to come and be a part of our Children's Program. TRAIN UP A CHILD IN THE WAY HE SHOULD GO; EVEN WHEN HE IS OLD HE WILL NOT DEPART FROM IT. PROVERBS 22:6